Yulia Agro Export, is head-quartered in Ukraine and specializes in supply chain management of agricultural commodities such as Pulses, Oil Seeds & Edible Oils, Frozen Poultry & Meats, Dairy Products, Animal Feed Raw Materials , Spices, Staples, Dried Fruits, All Kinds of Jute Products, Packaging Materials and Special Crops. Yulia Agro Export's strategically located network of 26 offices, warehouses, processing and logistics facilities currently exports 54 different food products from 50 countries to over 1000 customers in 82 countries.

When dealing with Yulia Agro Export, our customers receive the benefit of our over twenty years of experience, vast network of operations in 26 countries. Yulia Agro Export's renowned industry reputation ensures that they receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Constantly adapting to customer requirements the experienced, multicultural team members from 50 different nationalities at Yulia Agro Export are well known for their customer service. Yulia Agro Export focuses on maintaining relationships and creating value for business partners.

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The product range is extensive and we have found many products have greatly enhanced our growing regimes and have helped to push crop productivity and quality to new levels.

Bob Stevenson


We have been using Yulia Agro’s products since January 2016, the results have been instant. More detailed samples were also taken and sent for a full analysis, since then my crops are bigger



The onions were larger and more uniform in size in the treated area sector, and amazingly the land has changed as well. The land is now far less compacted, the onions were far easier to lift




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Dedication , involvment and co-operation of all people at every stage.

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